Randy Jacobs, M.D. Patient Education

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Wound Care Education

Wound Care Instructions After Biopsy or Skin Procedures

Follow these instructions for best healing. Your most important goal: Prevent infection.


What supplies may be needed?

A. Bacitracin Ointment: Antibiotic ointment is a topical antibiotic available OTC.

B. Saline: Available at your pharmacy. Ask for a spray bottle.

C. Gauze: Cotton gauze

D. Bandages: If small Band-Aids do not work, try the extra large Band Aid strips.


Brief Routine :

  • Twice a day: Pour or spray Saline onto the wound.

  • Twice a day: Lightly rub the area with a piece of Saline soaked gauze.

  • Twice a day: After the Saline, apply the antibiotic ointment liberally to the site.

  • Twice a day: Cover with a new bandage if you desire a bandage.

  • It's best to keep the wound continuously moist with antibiotic ointment.

  • If your wound has sutures, please do not bump or injure the wound. Injured wounds can break open! Also, "dissolving" sutures do not dissolve in everyone.

  • More severe wounds or sutured wounds should not be exposed to excessive water. Do not take a bath. Do not go swimming. Excess water inhibits proper healing.

  • You may shower if you protect the wound by covering it with a thin film of antibiotic ointment and a bandage. Change the bandage and ointment after the shower


  • After cleaning, apply the antibiotic ointment. Apply the antibiotic ointment as often as needed to prevent excessive dryness or a hard scab from forming. By preventing a hard scab, there may be less of a scar. A bandage may be used during the day to keep the antibiotic ointment in place. If you are allergic to Band Aids, please use paper tape.

  • Bleeding may occur. Do not be alarmed. If bleeding occurs take a dry cloth and apply firm, hard, steady pressure for twenty minutes. If this does not help, please call.

  • A small amount of redness and drainage is expected as new blood vessels increase to promote healing. The signs of infection include: Persistent swelling, persistent pain, excessive redness, excessive heat, and drainage. If you are concerned about healing, please call 951-672-7673. Remember, healing takes time and patience!