A word about our Physician Assistants:

Scott Letu, PA-C & Eleni Litras, PA-C

As part of our Dermatology Care Team, Randy Jacobs, MD works together with Eleni Litras, PA-C and Scott Letu, PA-C, both Dermatology Specialty Trained Physician Assistants.

What is a Physician Assistant? A physician assistant (PA) is a mid level medical professional who works as part of a team with a doctor, and practices medicine with a supervising physician.

With so many needy patients,  we are so thankful for our PA’s Eleni and Scott.

Now, when it comes to PA’s, Dr. Jacobs is very selective. For a PA to work alone in our office, Dr. Jacobs requires that the PA has spent at least one year of dermatology specialty training side by side and proctored by a Board Certified dermatologist. Why? It is because our specialty of dermatology treats over 2,000 different diagnoses, and, our patients require an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Jacobs is a clinical professor at Loma Linda University, and after years of teaching, Dr. Jacobs  has found that there is no substitute for clinical on the job, side by side teaching with a skilled instructor. As a physician, to care for his derm patients, Dr. Jacobs  personally, spent four years of training in medical school plus six years in of training in residency.

Dr. Jacobs explains: I learned by other high quality USC and Loma Linda teaching physicians who showed me the way. And I understand how important it is to have teachers who go beyond books and give you real life medical education. Now, to develop a basic foundation in dermatology, it takes about a year for a general PA to learn the practical fundamentals of being a true dermatology PA; and, after that, it takes a lifetime of dedication for continued learning. Yes, a general PA can study and take a dermatology test and can get a certificate, but this is only bookwork. Seeing something in a book is one thing, and treating a real patient is another. In order to work with real live dermatology patients, a PA needs one on one educational guidance with time spent in the clinic side by side taught by a teaching physician dermatologist.

Now, practically speaking, because it takes a year of serious dedication to education, the right teacher, and personal sacrifice, many PA’s have not done a one-year side-by-side dermatology preceptorship. Many just take a test and go out and try to find a job in dermatology. This is like building a house on sand without a solid foundation

When a patient sees Eleni or Scott, I want the patient to be assured that these PA’s have spent this one-year plus more side-by-side learning from me. I did not just hire them and send them to work. I personally trained them, and they, in their personal lives continue their derm education and are dedicated to a lifetime of learning.

Now, it is common that some patients have a question whether they should see the doctor or the PA. Let me explain and please remember: Eleni, Scott and I work together as a team. My PA’s are both Dermatology Specialty Trained Physician Assistants.

So, our PA’s can certainly care for your basic needs. And, beyond this, with Eleni and Scott you have me as well. Feel assured and keep in mind, should you ever have an unanswered question, simply ask Eleni or Scott to connect to me. Please understand, I am their supervisor, when you see Eleni or Scott, you always have direct access to me. Together, Eleni or Scott and I can answer your questions and take care of all your dermatology needs.


✓ Skin Cancer Prevention & Treatment
✓ Cryo, Electro, & Dermatologic & Mohs Surgery
✓ Sun-Damaged, Pre-Cancer Care
✓ Mole, Wart, & Skin Growth Removal
✓ Acne, Rosacea, & Complexion Care
✓ Dry-Sensitive Skin Care & Hand Care
✓ Facial Peels, Botox, Juvéderm Care

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Temecula (951) 296 1766

Menifee (951) 672 7673

Hemet (951) 672 7673

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Our Dermatology Team


Scott Letu


Hello, my name is Scott Letu. A fun fact about me, is when I am not taking care of my kids, I love to play my saxophone. I also enjoy hiking, fishing, targets, and the outdoors enjoying nature (with SPF 30+ sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat of course).

During my undergraduate studies at California State University Long Beach, I volunteered at a local hospital and discovered my passion for patient care and serving people in their healthcare needs. My desire to help patients motivated me to become an EMT Emergency Medical Technician, where I gained clinical experience in working under stressful conditions, yet, maintaining a sense of calm and compassion....


Eleni Litras


Hey there! I was born and raised in Southern California and have always enjoyed the sunshine, responsibly, of course, with plenty of sunscreen and big hats.

I did my undergraduate studies at University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), then moved up to beautiful Portland, Oregon for a couple years to complete my prerequisites for Physician Assistant school.

I then completed my Masters in Physician Assistant studies at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA....