A warm welcome & blessings to you from dermatologist Randy Jacobs, MD, FAAD… practicing in our area since 1988, sharing TLC with over 500,000 derm patients. 
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Dr. Jacobs is of Mexican – American heritage and speaks English & Spanish


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People of Color

Do skin conditions differ in people of color? While most skin diseases have the same clinical appearance in Black, Brown, White, and Asian populations, there are some exceptions.

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Is It A Melanoma?

Melanoma is often preventable, but in the USA, melanoma kills about one person every hour.

Is It Skin Cancer?

This is an important question, especially if you have fair skin and have sunburned. Skin cancer is the number one cancer in humans, far exceeding the total of all other cancers.

Are You At Risk?

Red heads, blondes, and people with light colored eyes are at greatest risk for skin cancer. Melanoma usually starts in a mole, and other skin cancers usually begin in untreated precancers.

Skin Complexion /Acne?

High school students were interviewed and asked what was most attractive. A thin body, muscles, the right hair, or clear skin. Most teens agreed that clear skin was most important.

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The ABC's of
Dry and Sensitive Skin
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Welcome From Dr. Jacobs

Hello and welcome to the dermatology practice of Randy Jacobs MD FAAD. Some people are blessed with the most beautiful skin, and it’s all natural. Others must work at it. Healthy skin is lovely to behold, comfortable to live in, and a pleasure to touch. Like a lush watered garden, healthy skin is well moisturized and healed from the damaging effects of weather, age, sun, wear, and tear. The blessing of healthy skin is our sincere wish for you. When your skin weeps for help, you need our skill for healing, our art for beauty, and love for caring. With time, patience, and the right physician to guide you, blessed skin is yours for life.

When the exposures of life overwhelm you and time takes its toll, your skin will need help. Who do you see when your skin has problems? You should see a true dermatologist. The difference is in the education. A true board-certified dermatologist is a genuine medical specialist, residency trained and educated to understand your skin from the inside out. A true dermatologist has focused three or more years of medical residency devoted especially to the evaluation, care, and treatment of human skin in both health and disease.

Assistant Clinical Professor
UC Riverside School of Medicine

Assistant Clinical Professor
Loma Linda University

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